Sun Bangla serial 'Debi' is going off-air?

Sun Bangla serial Debi is going
Nisha Mondal & Vickey Deb

Bengali television is bringing a number of new shows and series. On the other hand, it also became a reason for the closure of the ongoing shows. Many ongoing series, including a newly launched drama series, have recently closed. And this time, Sun Bangla's other hit series 'Debi' Starring Nisha Mondal and Vickey Deb is coming to an end. The serial was premiered on September 2021. But the makers have decided to close the series within five months. Although it is not alone, various newly launched drama series like 'Dutta and Bouma', 'Roja', 'Sagar Jyoti' have stopped before the expectation.

Now, the question is why Sun Bangla's 'Debi' serial is going off-air?

We have seen before that many new shows have been shut down due to a lack of adequate TRP. But this time there is another reason behind the closure of the new show. Sources suggested that the channel authorities and the production company have problems with the time slot, as a result, the makers of the 'Debi' series have decided to close the show. 

Some audiences might be upset after hearing the news. But there is good news too. The same channel is bringing a brand new drama series titled 'Saathi' where Indrajeet Bose and Anumita Dutta will be paired.

Another entertainment channel is also going to launch their new drama series on the same day where Dibyojyoti Dutta and Swastika Ghosh will play the lead roles.

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