Koushani Mukherjee will be seen in Bonny's Superman instead of Darshana Banik

Koushani Mukherjee will be seen in Bonny's Superman instead of Darshana Banik
Koushani Mukherjee

Actress Koushani Mukherjee to star in Rino Dutta's upcoming film 'Superman' while Bonny Sengupta will play the titular role. The story revolves around a boy from a rural village who turns into Superman against all odds. In the film, actress Ishani Ghosh will play the female lead opposite Bonny Sengupta. The story is about a young man who believes in himself and with his willpower we can do everything, he is inspired by the two female leads in the film where the second one is playing by Koushani Mukherjee and Ishani will play the first female lead.

Actress Darshana Banik was supposed to play the role of a journalist in the film at the initial stage. However, as she did not agree to play the role, the makers of the film offered the role to Koushani Mukherjee and Koushani agreed to the role.

But why does Darshana Banik deny for playing the character while Koushani Mukherjee agrees to the same character?

'At first, I was told something else. Later the importance of the character in the screenplay decreases. That's why I said 'yes' at first but later I was forced to move. Playing the role of a journalist is my dream for many days.' Darshana Banik said in an interview with Anandabazar Patrika.

'After reading the script, the character of the journalist in 'Superman' seems to be quite important. So I agreed. The actress claims that after the release of the film, everyone will understand that there is a Super Woman in the film 'Superman'. That is the character I'm playing' said Koushani Mukherjee

Many people did not know as it was not published in the newspapers, many characters have been written for me. Later it goes to another actress. This is a familiar picture of Tollywood. So if we get into trouble over a small matter, it is our loss in the end. Koushani added.

Source - Anandabazar Patrika

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