Sona Da's new adventure 'Karna Subarner Guptodhan' in cinemas on September

Sona Da's new adventure 'Karna Subarner Guptodhan' in cinemas on September
Abir Chatterjee, Ishaa Saha & Arjun Chakraborty

Here is a good news for all the fans of the Guptadhan franchise. The third film of the Guptadhan franchise 'Karna Subarner Guptodhon' is ready to hit the cinema halls. Once again our favorite Sona Da will crack a new riddle and unfold a new historical mystery along with Abir and Jhinuk. 'Karna Subarner Guptodhon' will hit the cinema halls on 30th September, this year.

As we know: In the Guptodhan franchise, Sona Da aka Subarna Sen is the character name of actor Abir ChatterjeeArjun Chakrabarty plays the role of Abir aka Abirlal Roy, and Jhinuk aka Jhinuk Majumdar playing by actress Ishaa Saha.

SVF Production recently announced the release dates of their upcoming movies. This Sunday (27th February) morning, SVF Production has released a list of eight movies, including 'Karna Subarner Guptodhan' with the releasing date of the movies. From Eken Babu's espionage, Arjun-Madhurima's chemistry in 'X=Prem', Vikram, Madhumita, Indrani Halder, and Sujan Neel Mukherjee's relationship drama in 'Kuler Achaar', to Satyanweshi Byomkesh, Feluda adventure 'Hatyapuri' , and horror flick like Ballavpurer Roopkotha, the audience will have different flavors of film to watch this year.

Here is the official post:

Karna Subarner Guptodhon is the third film of the Guptadhan franchise which will be directed by Dhrubo Banerjee as before. The past two films, Guptodhoner Sondhane and Durgeshgorer Guptodhan were acclaimed by the audience and also made a mark at the box office. The cast of the film have shared the news on their social media handles and received a positive response. The fans have flooded the comment box with the love for the new adventure of Sona Da, Abir, and Jhinuk.

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Karnasuvarna was the capital of the Gauda Kingdom during the reign of Raja Shashanka, the first important king of ancient Bengal who ruled in the 7th century. The ruins of Karnasuvarna have been located at Kansona in the present Murshidabad. The travelogue of Chinese traveler Xuanzang gives a brilliant account of that capital.

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