Abhishek Chatterjee passes away, mourning Tollywood stars

Abhishek Chatterjee passes away, mourning Tollywood stars
Abhishek Chatterjee passes away, mourning Tollywood stars

Once again Tollywood lost a shining star. Versatile actor Abhishek Chatterjee passed away unexpectedly. He was 58 years old. He passes away due to a cardiac arrest. His unexpected death left everyone in the industry shocked.

Report says, last wednesday (March 23), he was shooting for a non-fiction television show called 'Ismart Jodi' when he suffered a heart attack and vomited more than once. Everyone on the set rushed to him for help. The crew members and his co-stars suggested he be hospitalized but he did not agree. The actor was immediately taken home where his family members called a doctor and Chatterjee was given medical treatment. But late at night, he breathed his last.

Apart from films, the versatile actor has been a part of several popular television series like Mohor, Khorkuto, etc. The death of the versatile actor has cast a shadow of deep mourning over the Tollywood industry. From the film star to the TV and the Chief Minister have also expressed their grief over his death. 

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her grief and wrote 'Sad to know of the untimely demise of our young actor Abhishek Chatterjee. Abhishek was talented and versatile in his performances, and we shall miss him. It is a great loss for TV serials and our film industry. My condolences to his family and friends'.

Mamata Banerjee  on Abhishek Chatterjee death

Actor Ankush Hazra expressing his anguish, wrote 'I've rarely seen people like you, I've rarely seen an actor like you. I remember that fun moment spent with you in Kalimpong... I will miss you very much Abhishek Da'.

Actor Ankush Hazra on Abhishek Chatterjee death

Abhiskek Chatterjee made his film debut with Tarun Majumdar directed film Pathbhola in 1986. He made his debut on the digital platform with Anshuman Pratysh directed web series Sleeper Cell. He has first appeared on mega-series in Sandipta Sen starrer serial Tapur Tupur. He was currently working on two serials, Mohor and Khorkuto.

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