Biplab Chatterjee apologized to Leena Gangopadhyay after the controversy

Biplab Chatterjee apologized to Leena Gangopadhaya after the controversy
Biplab Chatterjee & Leena Gangopadhyay

'There is no good content in the Bangla serial. Here, serial means conspiracy, and multiple marriages of the protagonist!' veteran actor Biplab Chatterjee said in an interview last Saturday (5th March). He also alleges that Leena Gangopadhyay is not only a popular writer and producer in the industry but also the chairperson of the West Bengal Commission for Women. But women are being insulted in several of her series. The way the female characters are portrayed in the serial is degrading. He also said that 'the woman should be shot dead'.

Biplab Chatterjee has been the target of intense criticism since his comments were published in a news daily called 'Anandabazar Patrika'. Actor Bharat Kaul, who has acted in several films and TV series, has expressed his views on the matter. He made a post on Facebook and shared a video of Biplab Chatterjee's interview. He penned his opinion in the caption. He wrote 'Biplab Chatterjee Sorry to say I highly condemn your criticism of Leena Gangopadhyay i had never expected you to say these kind of words you have no right to the language you have is being a senior actor you have let us down an actor I am ashamed and ask for forgiveness on your behalf....this is so so not acceptable'.

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Today (6th March) Biplab Chatterjee apologized to Leena Gangopadhyay through an interview with the same news outlet. Biplab Chatterjee said 'There was talk on the surface in the interview. Under the influence of excitement I used the term 'shot dead'. I'm sincerely sorry'. The actor also said that he has no personal enmity with Leena Gangopadhyay. It all happened unintentionally. Although, his statement about the tv series has not changed.

However, Leena Gangopadhyay did not comment on the whole matter. She said, 'I did not want to comment on the matter, although many in the industry have been informed'.

Source - Anandabazar Patrika

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