New Show 'Amar Sona Chander Kona' announced its telecast time

New Show 'Amar Sona Chander Kona' announced its telecast time
Jasmine Roy & Ravi Shaw

The new drama series 'Amar Sona Chander Kona' starring Ravi Shaw and Jasmine Roy is ready entertain the Tv lovers. The channel has set a new schedule for the show. 'Amar Sona Chander Kona' serial will be premiered on the 28th of March and will be telecast every night at 6.30 pm on Sun Bangla. Actor Ravi Shaw and Jasmine Roy will be paired in the serial. They will be seen as a married couple in the new series where Ravi will play the role of Som and Jasmine will be seen as his wifey.

Speaking about the story of the serial, it follows Som, a family man who lives with his wife and a son. But an event from his past always makes him depressed. When Som was very young, he was separated from his mother for some reason. He tried hard to find his mother but he did not succeed. Som's wife decides to start searching for his Mom and will help Som to overcome his depression.

Check out the promo of the serial:

Bengali tv channels are bringing several new shows for the audience. The same channel is going to launch a women-centric drama series where actress Pritha Chatterjee will play the lead role. The serial will also premiere on the same day.

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