Jeet-Dev: Jeet greets Dev with a kiss on his show

Jeet-Dev: Jeet greets Dev with a kiss on his show Ismart Jodi
Jeet-Dev: Jeet greets Dev with a kiss on his show Ismart Jodi (Pic- Instagram)

Dev, Rukmini Starrer film Kishmish is set to release soon. To promote the film, the stars have appeared in several shows including Saurav Ganguly-hosted show Dadagiri unlimited and cookery show Rannaghar. This time Dev and Rukmini will be appearing on none other than Jeet-hosted show 'Ismart Jodi' where the much loved Jodi will share their love story with the host and the fans. Jeet has already promoted his upcoming film on the same show that will be released on the same day. Superstar Jeet greets his new guests with as much love as ever.

In the special episode, Jeet asked Dev and Rukmini to play a fun game where they have to look into each other's eyes without blinking. Dev smiled and said, he has a habit of staring Rukmini. Jeet replied to Dev, you have to stare her like never before. Jeet also added whether it is a man or a woman, the moments of love are always enjoyable. I think the audience would love to see Dev and Jeet play this game, Dev replied. The answer made everyone smile on the set. Jeet said I don't want that typical stereotype Kisses like on cheeks or hands, I would like to kiss on lips. Later Dev and Jeet hugged each other and Jeet kissed Dev on his cheeks.

Dev and Jeet were seen together in Raj Chakraborty's film Dui Prithibi which was released in 2010. Since then, their fans wanted to see them together on screen. Although it is not a film. But Dev and Jeet's presence on the same screen will definitely take the fans on a roller coaster ride. The special episode will be aired most probably this Saturday (30th April) on Star Jalsha.

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Meanwhile, Dev and Rukmini Starrer romantic Film Kishmish, and Jeet and debutant Lahoma Bhattacharya starrer action film Raavan will hit the theaters in West Bengal on 29th April. Both of them have created a huge buzz among Bengali cinema lovers. It will be one of the biggest clashes in Tollywood.

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