Rooqma Roy to play lead role in new tv show Laal kuthi

Rooqma Roy to play lead role in new tv show Laal kuthi
Rooqma Roy to play lead role in new tv show Laal kuthi

Actress Rooqma Roy who has melted the hearts of Bengali tv lovers with her outstanding performance in several dramas will be the leading lady in a new horror TV drama. Recently, another popular entertainment channel Zee Bangla has announced a brand new series for the Bengali audience.  This year, Bengali general entertainment channels including Zee Bangla have launched several brand new dramas. But this time, Bengali tv lovers will be thrill with a new horror flick. Zee Bangla is going to launch a horror drama series titled Laal Kuthi where actress Rooqma Roy will play the female lead. The channel has also released a promo for the series.

The first promo of the horror show Laal Kuthi gives perfect horror flicks to the audience. The promo shows that it is raining outside at night and an almost empty house where we see Rooqma is talking to someone on the phone and getting ready to go somewhere but it is raining outside so she can't go. But when she tried to get out of the house, the door closes automatically and some unnatural things happen.

Watch the promo below:

Actress Rooqma Roy was last seen on screen in Desher Maati serial where she played Rai Mukherjee aka Mampi's character and paired with Rahul Banerjee. The on-screen chemistry of Rooqma and Rahul was highly appreciated by the tv lovers and Mampi (Rooqma) and Raja (Banerjee) become one of the most popular on-screen Jodis. Actress Rooqma Roy becomes a household by playing the titular role in Kiran Mala serial. The beautiful and talented actress has played several negative characters on screen alongside positive roles and in both avatars, she has been acclaimed by the audience and the makers alike. This time Rooqma will play the lead role in Laal Kuthi.

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