Actress Ananya Guha met an accident

Actress Ananya Guha met an accident
Actress Ananya Guha met an accident

Actress Ananya Guha who plays Pinky's character in Mithai serial met an accident today (26th May). The incident happened when she was going to her shooting set with her father. A tree fell on her car while Ananya was on her way to shoot.

According to the report, actress Ananya Guha and her father were on the way to the shooting set of Mithai. The incident happend near S.P Mukherjee Road. Seeing the incident, the local people rushed to help them. They help Ananya and her father get out of the car. According to the Police report, The tree was uprooted due to the previous storm which led to the accident. Fortunately, Ananya and her father were not harmed in the accident.

After hearing this news, Ananya's fans became worried about her. Well, Ananya informed that she and her father are absolutely well and thanked her fans for their concern. She also said not to spread fake news about the incident. Like a professional, Ananya did not skip her shooting and arrived at her shooting set.

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Ananya Guha becomes a household by starring in Krishnakoli serial. Now she is one of the most popular faces among the Bengali audience. Besides the audience, she also impressed the makers with her performance in the shows.

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