Another model-actress Manjusha Neogi found dead

Model-actress Manjusha Neogi found dead
Model-actress Manjusha Neogi found dead

Another mysterious death in Tollypara. The loss of actress Pallavi Dey and model Bidisha De Majumdar has not been overcome yet, the hanging body of another model-actress was found. Today (27th May), Manjusha Neogi, a model by profession, was found dead at her home in Patuli. This Friday morning, Manjusha didn’t respond when her aunt went to call her. And later, her body was found hanging in her bedroom. It was Manjusha's mother who informed the police. Police have already started investigating the matter. Manjusha's family claimed that Manjusha had been suffering from depression since the death of Bidisha De Majumdar. Three-four days ago, the model-actress came to her father's home in Patuli. Then she got the news of Bidisha's death. Since then she has been suffering from depression. Manjusha's family said that Manjusha and Bidisha De Majumdar were friends for three-four years. 

The family claim that Manjusha and Bidisha have done a lot of work together. Manjusha's mother also said that after receiving the news of Bidisha's death, Manjusha said, "I will do the same as Bidisha."The family further said that Manjusha went to the shooting on Thursday but she was mentally disturbed. In the meantime, she had an argument with her husband. Manjusha's mother also informed that she did not eat or drink properly for modeling. Manjusha's husband asked her mother to take her home on Thursday. But Manjusha did not want to go. Then Manjusha talked about suicide. Manjusha's mother also said that the Manjusha had no problem with her husband.

Source - Hindustan Times

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