Daily soap Canning Er Minu Telecast time

Daily soap Canning Er Minu telecast time
TV show Canning Er Minu, starring Diya Basu and Shayan Mukherjee starts on 22nd August

Another general entertainment channel is set to launch their brand new show where Jibon Sathi fame Diya Basu will be the leading lady. YAY, Diya Basu is all set to entertain the audience with her new show Canning Er Minu where she will play the titular role and Shayan Mukherjee will be her love interest. Recently, the channel officially announced the telecast time of their new show Canning Er Minu.

The new daily soap Canning Er Minu, starring Diya Basu and Shayan Mukherjee starts on 22nd August and will air every night at 8.30 pm on Colors Bangla. The show will have a fresh pair of Diya Basu and Shayan Mukherjee. The series will have an ensemble cast where veteran actor Dipankar Dey is also a part of the cast. Dipankar Dey will be seen playing a pivotal role in the series alongside the lead pair. Where Diya will essay Minu's character Shayan will play the role of Soumya Ghosal and Dipankar Dey will play Soumya’s grandfather Mrityunjay Ghosal who is also a Chief Minister.

The series revolves around Minu from Canning, who works at Ghosal's house as a house help. Minu is honest, brave, loyal, hardworking, and always ready to help the people around her. Soumya’s grandfather, who was unaware of Minu's leadership qualities, learns about it when Soumya shows him a viral video in which Minu confronts the goons who were after a young couple. He sees how Minu bravely tackles goons, encourages others to stand up against injustice, and even helps the lovebirds get married. Soumya's grandfather impressed by Minu and he proudly tells everyone that Minu would be a perfect representative of common people.

Watch the promo below:

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