Subhashree Ganguly looks unrecognizable in 'Indubala Bhater Hotel'

Subhashree Ganguly looks unrecognizable in 'Indubala Bhaater Hotel'
Subhashree Ganguly looks unrecognizable in 'Indubala Bhater Hotel'

Actress Subhasree Ganguly who ditched her glam-look and has been seen in a different look in movies like Parineeta and Dharmajudda has now surprised fans with her new look from her debut web series Indubala Bhater Hotel. Recently, the first look of Subhashree Ganguly from Debaloy Bhattacharya's web series Indubala Bhater Hotel has been out. And Subhashree Ganguly looks unrecognizable in her new avatar where she is seen in a white saree with wrinkled skin and white messy hair.

Taking to Facebook, Raj Chakraborty has also shared Subhashree Ganguly's new look and praised his wifey. Raj Chakraborty panned 'I admire her courage for breaking herself and play the role of a seventy-five-year-old woman in 'Indubala Bhater Hotel'.

Raj Chakraborty's post:

'Indubala Bhaater Hotel' has a very interesting story. It revolves around Indu (Subhashree) a young girl from East Pakistan's Kalpota village in Khulna. Marrying a drunkard from Kolkata, Indu becomes a widow with a kid, at a very tender age. Her story takes a turn the day East Pakistan became Bangladesh. The stove of 'Indubala Bhater Hotel' was lit for the first time with the small savings that Indu managed to acquire with the help of a Bihari fisherwoman Lachmi. The director said Indubala's age ranged from 16 to 75 years on screen. But she will show from 25 to 75. It's a story of both the Bengals (West Bengal and Bangladesh) and a woman's journey in this city.

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