Actress Maitryee Mitra admitted to a hospital

Actress Maitryee Mitra admited to a hospital
Actress Maitryee Mitra admited to a hospital

Actress Maitryee Mitra, who acted in several television dramas, had to be admitted to the hospital. She fell ill on her shooting sets and later had to be hospitalized. She is currently taking her treatment at a private hospital in the city.

The actress revealed everything about her illness in a Facebook post. In that post, she also explained how she was harassed on the shooting sets during her illness. The actress said that on October 10, she could not stand straight after sitting with her legs hanging for 8 hours on the shooting set. Mitra has a physical problem called Gout in medical terms. But the passionate actress reached the sets on time after taking medicine the next day. Despite the excruciating pain, she did not retreat from professionalism.

She also added, the fever gradually increased. When the make-up artist came to prepare her, they found that she had a high fever and could not even sit up. Interestingly, after knowing her health issues, they took almost two and a half hours to decide whether to release her or not. Many felt that she wanted to leave because of another contract.

"I am admitted to the hospital today and now I can prove to some people that I was really sick that day," she wrote wistfully at the end.

Fans including celebrities like Bhaswar Chatterjee and Manosi Sengupta commented on the post and wished her a speedy recovery.

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