New TV show 'Balijhor' full cast and promo

Check out the cast of Balijhor serial from Star Jalsha.

New TV show 'Balijhor' full cast and promo
New TV show 'Balijhor' full cast and promo

Ahead of the New Year, the Bengali Entertainment channels have promised to bring several new shows for their viewers. In the past few weeks, the channels have launched several new shows for their subscribers, which has also become a reason for shutting down the ongoing shows. And today, another leading channel has announced a brand-new show titled 'Balijhor' which will feature several popular faces in lead roles.

The new show 'Balijhor' features Indrasish Roy, Trina Saha, and Koushik Roy in lead roles. While  Indrasish Roy and Koushik Roy will play the male leads, Trina Saha will be their love interest. 'Balijhor' is a love story in a political backdrop. Apart from these three stars, the show also stars versatile actors like Bharat Kaul, Madhabi Mukherjee, Dulal Lahiri, and Tathagata Mukherjee in pivotal roles. 

In the show, Bharat Kaul will be seen playing a political leader named Samudra Sen and Trina Saha will be seen as his reel daughter Jhora. On the other hand, Indrasish Roy will play Jhora's love interest Sroat and Koushik Roy will be seen as a politician, a loyal member of Samudra Sen's political party.

In the promo we see, after Samudra Sen won the election, he handed over the responsibility of the party to his daughter. He also announces Jhora's marriage to his loyal party member (Koushik Roy). And hearing that news, Sroat (Indrashis) decided to go far away from Jhora.

Watch the promo below:


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