New TV show 'Phulki' stars Divyani Mondal in the lead role

New TV show 'Phulki' stars Divyani Mondal in the lead role
New TV show 'Phulki' stars Divyani Mondal in the lead role

In the past few weeks, we've seen several new shows launch, and many of them have received positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. Shows like Mukut and Komola O Sreeman Prithviraj have just started their journey on TV and also receive rave reviews from audiences. The competition among entertainment channels will become tougher as another leading entertainment channel has announced yet another new show titled Phulki.

One of the leading Bengali entertainment channels called Zee Bangla has announced a new show titled Phulki starring Divyani Mondal in the lead role. Earlier we have seen many shows based on different subjects like Badminton, Gymnastics, Cricket, and even Detective but this time, Zee Bangla has pushed their boundaries and is coming up with a variation with their new show Phulki where a woman competes with the men by her boxing skills.

In the show, protagonist Phulki has to face numerous struggles in her life as she belongs to a family which is not financially strong and even her mother is ill. This young woman who is financially unstable but talented dreams of becoming a boxer one day, but the path is not so easy. How she overcomes obstacles and fulfills her dreams is the crux of the story.

If we talk about Divyani Mondal, she is the new face on Bengali television. Yes, Phulki is a debut show for Divyani Mondal. Prior to this show, she worked as a model and was also featured in a music video. And speaking about the male lead of the show, rumors are rife that Somraj Maity who has been a part of several shows like Ei Chheleta Bhelbheleta, Tekka Raja Badshah, Kunjochaya, and Jiyon Kathi is likely to play the male lead opposite Divyani Mondal in Phulki serial.

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The channel has already released a promo of 'Phulki' serial featuring Divyani Mondal. The promo sees protagonist Phulki wanting to join a boxing competition against boys even though she suffers from Asthma. She requests the organizer to join the competition as she needs money for her mother's dialysis.

Watch the promo below:

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