Rudranil Ghosh opens up on Trina Saha and Sohini Sarkar's fight on the sets of their web series 'Matangi'

Rudranil Ghosh opens up on Trina Saha and Sohini Sarkar's fight on the sets of their web series Matangi

Actor-politician Rudranil Ghosh recently embarked on a new journey as a co-producer with a brand-new web series Matangi, under Camellia Productions Pvt. Ltd. Two popular Tollywood stars Trina Saha and Sohini Sarkar are playing the lead roles in this series.  According to the report, Trina Saha left the shooting set after an argument with her co-star Sohini Sarkar.

Rudranil Ghosh, co-producer of the series has opened up on Trina Saha and Sohini Sarkar's fight on the sets 'Matangi' web series-

Rudranil Ghosh said, ''What happened is now known by many. Neither my production workshop nor Camellia Productions had any role in this incident. We have nothing to do with someone's opinion. But yes, it is better to work with professionalism rather than personal preference. Someone sent an anonymous message and if you thought it was meant for you, that's your fault.'' 

''The way Trina Saha left the shooting floor is unethical and very painful. Because everyone begged her and tried to calm her down. However, Trina later realized her mistake and apologized. If the problem is solved, who will take responsibility for this financial loss? They should understand that at the end of the day, an artist's livelihood is involved in all this. So, all artists should control their personal feelings on the shooting floor'' added Rudranil Ghosh.

What actually happened between Trina Saha and Sohini Sarkar on the sets of 'Matangi'?

It is learned that Sohini Sarkar, known for her portrayal of Satyabati on screen, usually comes to each of her shooting sets with her own makeup artist and hair stylist, and the expenses are borne by the production company. As usual, she did the same on the set 'Matangi'. Trina Saha also demanded the same opportunity after learning of the matter which led to this controversy.

As per the report, Sohini Sarkar sent a message on the artist group on WhatsApp which has created this controversy. The message reads ''My humble request to the production and director team, is it's better to discuss what the actors and actresses need to make things easier. I am forced to write the words because the atmosphere of the sets is ruined by what I am getting''. Although Sohini Sarkar did not mention any names in the message, Trina Saha believes the words were written for her. 

According to Sohini, since 2018, she gets makeup artists, hair stylists, makeup vans, or rooms when needed and has never faced any problem for this. Sohini believes that artists should earn what they need through their hard work.

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