Actress Anannya Biswas joins the cast of 'Jagaddhatri'

Actress Anannya Biswas joins the cast of 'Jagaddhatri'

Popular TV actress Anannya Biswas, who was last seen in 'Nabab Nandini' serial has bagged a new show. The charming and talented actress has recently joined the cast of the current hit show Jagaddhatri, starring Ankita Mallick and Soumyadeep Mukherjee in lead roles. In the show, Ananya Biswas will be seen in an important role alongside Ankita Mallick and Soumyadeep Mukherjee.

Anannya Biswas has been roped in by the makers of 'Jagaddhatri' to play Nuri Nayak who become the prime suspect in a crime. As per the current track, Nuri embarks on a trip to a tourist center to shoot an ad with her colleague. But unfortunately, the trip turns into a nightmare when her colleague and director die mysteriously, and she became the prime suspect of Investigation Officer Jagadhatri aka Jas Sanyal, portrayed by Ankita Mallick. The channel has recently shared a new promo of the show 'Jagaddhatri' introducing Ananya Biswas as Nuri Nayak.

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Anannya Biswas was last seen playing the main antagonist in Nabab Nandini, starring Rezwan Rabbani Sheikh and Indrani Paul in lead roles. Anannya Biswas acted in various roles and has appeared in various incarnations on television screens. Ananya Biswas stepped into showbiz with a teen-drama titled '' where her co-stars were Madhubani Ghosh and Raja Goswami. Apart from these, she has acted in many popular shows like Boron, Ke Apon Ke Por, Goyenda Ginni, Tapur Tupur, etc.

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