Bagha Jatin director Arun Roy suffering from cancer

Bagha Jatin director Arun Roy suffering from cancer

One of the acclaimed filmmakers of Tollywood, Arun Roy, who directed Dev Starrer most anticipated film Bagha Jatin, is currently suffering from cancer. The producer and the lead actor of Bagha Jatin, Dev has assured the director for all kinds of help in treatment.

According to a report of 'Hindustan Times', director Arun Roy has throat cancer. When the director was asked about this, the Bagha Jatin director said ''It's not a big deal. Cancer is not a big disease these days. At least not to me, lots of people are having it, and now it's my turn. ''The director further added 'The treatment has started at Tata Medical Center. And the chemotherapies will start next week.'' He will have 16 chemotherapies.

The news of Arun Roy's illness has already reached Dev. Producer-actor Dev assured his director for all kinds of help. But director Arun Roy still thinking about his upcoming film Bagha Jatin which is slated to hit theaters on October 19 in Bengali and October 20 in Hindi.

''I would say the entire credit of the creation goes to the producer. He accepted all my demands for the film. One of the best VFX companies in the country has done several scenes in the film," added director Arun Roy.

Arun Roy stepped into the industry with his film Egaro, the Immortal Eleven. Later, the director was praised for Hiralal, Cholai, and 8/12 Binay Badal Dinesh. 

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