Actress Bijayalaxmi Chatterjee opens up on replacing Indrani Bhattacharyya in the TV show Cheeni

Actress Bijayalaxmi Chatterjee opens up on replacing Indrani Bhattacharyya in the TV show Cheeni
Bijayalaxmi Chatterjee and Indrani Bhattacharyya

Actress Bijayalaxmi Chatterjee known for Ranu Pelo Lottery, is currently playing the female lead in the newly launched show Cheeni. Bijayalaxmi replaced Indrani Bhattacharya in the title role opposite Somraj Maiti in the serial Cheeni. Although a section of the audience accepted the replacement, it disappointed Indrani's fans. But the real reason for this replacement is still unknown.

Well, A few days back, Trina Saha replaced the newcomer Moumita Sarkar in the serial Love Biye Aaj Kaal. Moumita withdrew from the project due to illness. Is this replacement for the same reason?

However, actress Bijayalaxmi Chatterjee recently opened her lips on replacing Indrani Bhattacharyya in the TV show Cheeni in an interaction with a popular news daily.

A reporter from Hindustan Times Bangla asked Bijayalaxmi that Cheeni is not even a month old. And it's a new start for you but the audience will see you in Indrani's place, How challenging is it for you? 

Bijayalaxmi replied the project is fresh new for me. From my side, I will my give 100% to the role. I am focused on my work. I believe the work will be good, every work is a challenge in itself. It is a battle with myself. I don't think about what happened before, I would like to focus on the present.

''This kind of story has not happened before in Bengali television. You can call it a thriller love story. I had to do something different for myself and my acting skills. I wanted to prove myself. I have always tried to give my 100% to my projects, and I will do the same this time. I love to take challenges. Because only then I can prove myself'' Bijayalaxmi Chatterjee further added.

Written by Sahana Dutta, Star Jalsha's show Cheeni also marks Bijayalaxmi Chatterjee's comeback on TV after Ranu Pelo Lottery. After four years, Bijayalaxmi is seen playing a role on TV. Bijayalaxmi played the titular role opposite Krushal Ahuja in Ranu Pelo Lottery which concluded its journey on TV on 13 December 2019. Before that show, Bijayalaxmi played a key role in Dwiragaman which also starred  Kaushambi Chakraborty, B Raja Ghosh, Tapas Paul, and Sabyasachi Chakrabarty in pivotal roles.

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