How Kanchan Mullick gave 56 lakh rupees to ex-wife Pinky Banerjee; Kanchan Mullick Net Worth

How Kanchan Mullick gave 56 lakh rupees to ex-wife Pinky Banerjee; Kanchan Mullick Net Worth

Actor-politician Kanchan Mullick tied the knot with Sreemoyee Chattoraj on Valentine's Day 2024. After getting married, the 27-year-old actress was trolled brutally for marrying Kanchan Mullick, who is 53 now. However, the newly married couple did not pay attention to trollers. On the other hand, Kanchan Mullick and his wife Pinky Banerjee, signed the divorce papers on January 10th, 2024, making it official. 

On January 10 this year, Kanchan Mullick officially divorced his second wife Pinky Banerjee. And after 34 days the actor married his girlfriend Sreemoyee Chattoraj. It is known that Kanchan paid 56 lakhs rupees to Pinky as alimony. Pinky Banerjee also admitted it in an interview. Now the question is how much money does Kanchan own who paid 56 lakhs?

According to the affidavit, Kanchan Mullick submitted to the Election Commission before the 2021 assembly elections, he has immovable property worth more than 90 lakh rupees.

According to the affidavit, the immovable property of Kanchan Mallick is Rs 38,21,323.92. At the time of filing the affidavit, he had only Rs 26,642 in cash. He has two fixed deposits totaling approximately Rs.5,36,984 (Five Lakh Thirty-Six Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty-Four). Besides, the savings bank account has a total of Rs.7,90,105.92 (Seven Lakh Ninety Thousand One Hundred Five). Kanchan has a life insurance policy worth Rs 6,61,348.

The actor-politician also informed the Commission about the accounts of debtors and creditors in detail. Kanchan said he owes Rs 1,24,800. Kanchan Mallick owns a Toyota Innova car. The actor bought the car in 2015 for Rs 16,71,172. He has a gold ring weighing 16 grams, worth around Rs 80,000. Also, Sreemoyee's husband owes 2,66,300 TDS.

The total amount of Kanchan's immovable property is Rs.52,50,000. The actor has no land. He does not own any commercial space. He has a flat of 913 square feet in Netaji Nagar. Kanchan bought it in 2005 for Rs 9,60,588, before his first marriage. In 2021, the market value of that flat was around fifty-two lakh and fifty thousand rupees. This flat is Kanchan's most expensive asset.

When Kanchan Mullick bought a car three years ago, the debt burden was Rs 1 lakh 86 thousand. According to the Election Commission documents, Kanchan's annual income for the last five years is also known. The actor's earnings in 2019-20 were around 15 lakh 34 thousand. He earned only 5 lakh 94 thousand rupees in his previous financial year. In 2016-17, the actor earned more than fifteen lakh rupees. And in the financial year 2015-16, Kanchan's income was around 16,77,060.

As per this report, it is clear that Kanchan Mullick gave almost half of his assets to his ex-wife and son.

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