Bengali actress Swastika Mukherjee could not cast her vote for Lok Sabha Election 2024; What happened to the actress?


Today, 1st June 2024 was the last phase of Lok Sabha Election 2024. All eyes are on the 2024 exit polls, as votes are cast for the marathon seven-phase polling process of the Lok Sabha elections, which began on April 19, ended Saturday, June 1.

Everyone from ordinary citizens to celebrities cast their votes on the date and encouraged fans on social media to cast their votes as well. The last phase of Lok Sabha Election 2024 was conducted in West Bengal today and voters cast their votes.

Tollywood celebs like Dev, Jeet, Raj Chakraborty, and Subhashree Ganguly cast their votes and shared their pictures on social media with inked fingers after voting.

However, today Swastika Mukherjee shared a video on her social media handles claiming that she and her sister could not cast their votes for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. In her Instagram video, Swastika Mukherjee said ''It feels very frustrating''. She reached a school in the Golf Garden area to vote with her sister, but her and her sister's names were not on the voter list.

''My sister has a voter card. I lost mine. Despite having a voter card, why is my sister's name not in the voter list? But the names of my dead parents are on the voter list. Swastika said, 'I called many people I know. Talked to the councilor. They said if the name is not on the voter list, you cannot cast your vote. Today I have failed to exercise my greatest right as a citizen of this country'' Swastika Mukherjee further added.

Here is the video:

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