Star Jalsha New Serial Gramer Rani Binapani Telecast Time
Gramer Rani Binapani

Star Jalsha is all set to telecast their new Serial Gramer Rani Binapani. Star Jalsha Serial Gramer Rani Binapani starting from 8th March Monday to Sunday every day at 9.00 pm.Gramer Rani Binapani is a brand new seraial of Star Jalsha.Starring Honey Bafna and Annmary Tom in lead roles.

The story of Gramer Rani Binapani revolves around Binapani. Binapani and her villagers protest against Maheshwar Mill. The allegation is that Maheshwar Mill cheating on the villagers. So Binapani and her villagers are protesting against Maheshwar Mill, And they are going to the office of Maheshwar Mill's owner Satadur Roy Chowdhury. Satadur Roy Chowdhury, the owner of Meswar Mill, took Binapani inside his office. Binapani told Satadur, if she had the power, she would show how to do business without cheating people. Satadur Roy Chowdhury challenged Binapani to take charge of the company and run the business. Will Binapani be able to handle the responsibility of such a big company. How the love between Binapani and Satadur Roy Chowdhury will grow from this fight. This is the story of Gramer Rani Binapani.

Honey Bafna and Annmary Tom playing the lead role in the serial. Honey Bafna was last seen in Star Jalsha's another serial Prothoma Kadambini where he played Dwarkanath Ganguly. Annmary Tom will be seen as Binapani.Gramer Rani Binapani is the debut serial of Annmary Tom. Annmary Tom starting her acting career with this serial. She also has a YouTube Channel with her name Annmary Tom.

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