Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial is going to be stopped? But Why?

Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) Cast & Crew

Star Jalsha's Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial did not complete one year. Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial was started on 31st August 2020. And The serial is going to be closed in less than a year. 12th march was the last day of shoots of Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial. The last episode will be aired on 21st March 2021. The Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial is going to be closed with just 201 episodes.

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Rumors have been circulating for some time that Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial will end. But we did not know whether it was true or not? But now the hero of the serial Rahul Majumder tells the truth. On March 12, he came live on Instagram. He said the rumor is true. The Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial is really coming to an end. 12th March was the last day of our shooting. All of us are very upset when we heard the news that the serial will be stopped. We have spent 14 hours in a day together, Besides working, we had fun, we had gossip together, The place of the shooting became the second family. And everyone is very sad to hear that this family's journey is coming to an abrupt end. But Rahul Majumder did not explain why Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial is being shut down. "We have to accept whatever decision the channel and the producer will make," said Rahul Majumder.

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Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial Cast

This may be due to TRP (Television Rating Point). No matter how good the story of the serial is, if the TRP of the serial is not enough, then the possibility of running the serial decreases. Recently the telecast time of Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial was changed. Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial's TRP was good before changing the time slot. But Bhaggolokkhi (Bhagyalakshmi) serial's TRP was going down with the new time slot. Although it's our own opinion, it might be wrong. The reason for the closure of the serial has not been officially announced yet.
However, the series took place in the hearts of the audience. Actors and the entire team are saddened by the end of the serial including the audience.

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