Actress Sandipta Sen joins the cast of Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni serial
Sandipta Sen (Instagram Pic)

Actress Sandipta Sen joins the cast of Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni serial. Sandipta Sen will play an important role as Sarada Devi opposite Ramakrishna playing by Sourav Saha. The life story of Rani Rashmoni is about to end. Rani Rashmoni aka actress Ditipriya Roy has finished her shooting for the series. Rani Maa (Ditipriya Roy) will be seen for the last time on July 4. However, the series is not being stopped even though Rani Maa has not been seen. A new Chapter will start in the serial. After Rani Rashmoni 's story, a new chapter will start with Ramakrishna Dev and Sarada Devi.

In this new chapter, Sandipta Sen will be seen in the role of Sarada Devi. Sandipta Sen has been seen in mythological serials before. Sandipta Sen started her career with mythological tv series named Durga in 2008. Sandipta Sen became popular in a short time by playing the role of Durga where her co-stars were Gaurab Chatterjee. Once again Sandipta Sen will share the screen with Gourab Chatterjee although they will not be seen opposite to each other.

Karunamoyee Rani Rasmoni serial has been running successfully for almost four years. The series has received the love of the viewers equally in these four years. Most of the time, the series was at the top of the T.R.P list. Actress Ditipriya Roy was seen as Rani Rashmoni at the age of 15. The actress has won the hearts of the audience at a young age by playing the role of Rani Rashmoni. It is already known that Ditipriya Roy will be seen on the big screen also, after starring in television.

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Actress Sandipta Sen is also busy with her upcoming web series Murder In The Hills that will be streaming on Hoichoi. And once again Sandipta Sen coming back on the tv screen as Sarada Devi.

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