Ankush-Subhashree back on the set of their supernatural thriller film

Ankush-Subhashree back on the set of their super-natural thriller
Ankush Hazra, Subhashree Ganguly & Baba Yadav

The whole world, including India, is bound by the new rules to deal with the pandemic. The whole country is trying to get back to the old rhythm by following the new rules. And following those new rules, the film industry is also trying to get back to its old rhythm. Many production companies have started their work. The shooting of the supernatural thriller film directed by Baba Yadav has also started.

Ankush Hazra and Subhashree Ganguly reunited two years later to finish the shooting of the their supernatural thriller film. This is the second film of Ankush-Subhashree duo. The Ankush-Subhashree duo first appeared on the screen in 'Ami Sudhu Cheychi Tomay' directed by Ashok Pati & Anonno Mamun in 2014. The Ankush-Subhashree duo was acclaimed by the audience. Ankush and Subhashree's beautiful on-screen duo will be seen again through this supernatural thriller film directed by Baba Yadav. Well, the title of the film has not been announced yet. The shooting of the film started in 2019 and almost ended but the shooting had to be stopped due to the epidemic. However, director Baba Yadav has started shooting for his pending film.

Actress Subhashree Ganguly is currently seen as the judge of a reality show hosted by her co-star Ankush Hazra and Vikram Chatterjee along with Jeet and Bollywood star Govinda. Actor Ankush Hazra has also completely immersed himself in the work. A few days ago, Ankush Hazra has done the 'Mahurat' for Raja Chanda's film Chakravyuh. Ankush Hazra has also started shooting for Pavel Bhattacharjee's psychological thriller film 'Mon Kharap' where he will be seen as a psychiatrist.

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