Khorkuto serial to end its journey with a twist

Khorkuto serial to end its journey with a twist
Khorkuto serial to end its journey with a twist

Trina Saha and Koushik Roy Starrer television drama Khorkuto is about to end its journey soon. A journey of two years is coming to an end. Khorkuto serial is one of the most popular television dramas among audiences and the industry as well. Gungun and Soujanyo started their journey on 17th August 2020. After two years of journey, they are leaving the television screen forever. This news has saddened everyone including the fans. Everyone is crying on the set, including the crew members.

The last episode of Khorkuto' will be telecast at the end of this week. The journey of the Mukherjee family will end with Gungun's death. Gungun's death cast a shadow of mourning on the audience. Fans are also angry with the writer Leena Gangopadhyay. Their question is why 'Khorkuto' didn't get a 'happy ending'? 

Trina Saha said, 'we also became a family behind the camera. Whatever was shown in the series, behind the camera, everything was the same. I knew that one day 'Khorkuto' will end. But as the day approaches, It upsets me. How much the audience loves us, their anger and sadness over Gungun's death is showing that. I would say, everything has an end. That has to be accepted. There is a special surprise for the fans. My only request to everyone is to watch 'Khorkuto' till the end. I believe, the special surprise will please everyone'.

Since the beginning, Gungun and Soujanyo have taken a soft corner in the hearts of the audience. At a time, Khorkuto' also topped the TRP chart. Time has passed. The familiar image has changed. And now, Khorkuto serial to go off-air.

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