Aindrila Sharma's mother Shikha Sharma talks about what happened to Aindrila

Aindrila Sharma's mother Shikha Sharma talks about what happened to Aindrila
Aindrila Sharma's mother Shikha Sharma talks about what happened to Aindrila that day

Actress Aindrila Sharma suffered a sudden brain stroke last Tuesday (1st November). She was rushed to a private hospital in Howrah and the actress was found to be suffering from intracranial hemorrhage. On the same day, a surgery was performed. After learning about Aindrila's physical condition, the entire Tollywood and well-wishers are wishing her a speedy recovery. Celebs like Ankush Hazra, Sreelekha Mitra, and Sourav Das also wished her recovery. After recovering from cancer, Aindrila Sharma was healthy for the past few months and returned to her professional world. 

But on Tuesday (1st November), she suffered a sudden brain stroke. Already 72 hours have passed, still Aindrila has not regained consciousness. However, according to the doctors, Aindrila is responding to treatment.

Amid to this,  Aindrila's lover Sabyasachi Chowdhury made it clear through a Facebook post that no negative news should be spread about Aindrila.

Speaking about Aindrila Sharma, her mother said ' We had a great time in the last few days. Lakshmi Puja was done at home, we celebrated Diwali happily, Aindrila was supposed to go to Goa to shoot for a web series. We have celebrated Sabya (Sabyasachi Chowdhury)'s birthday two days ago. There was no problem with her health. She woke up on Tuesday and fed the two children (pets) and gave them medicine. She also told us how to take care of them as she will not be at home for five days. Then she lay down next to me. After a while, she said my right hand is not moving. I thought she was joking. Within ten minutes the whole body became diplegia. She couldn't move anymore and started having unbearable headaches, I gave her a medicine that I had for headaches but later she started vomiting. She Couldn't shake her head anymore. After that, I called Dr. Suman Mallick, and he told me to bring her immediately. I called Sabya (Sabyasachi) as he was not there. He came, then I called the guards and took Aindrila down.

Niloy Biswas a neurosurgeon specialist said it's a brain damage. It happened suddenly. Aindrila was taken to OT around 8 PM to 8.30 PM and she was shifted to ICU around 10:30 PM.

The good news is Aindrila is responding to treatment. She is trying to open her eyes even though she is not fully conscious yet. It is known that the actress can move her left eye and left shoulder slightly. Doctors said they are gradually reducing ventilator support so that Aindrila can breathe normally.

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Source - Hindustan Times

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Anonymous said…
Very curious case. Aindrila's father and elder sister are both doctors but when she had storke they waited for Sabyasachi to arrive and then took her to hospital, vital time was wasted.