Actress Solanki Roy has been threatened by 'Kishmish' director Rahool Mukherjee

Actress Solanki Roy has been threatened by 'Kishmish' director Rahool Mukherjee

Popular actress Solanki Roy, who recently quit her show Gaatchora, has come up with an allegation that director Rahool Mukherjee, who helmed the blockbuster film 'Kishmish', threatened her that she would not get work in SVF and Dev Entertainment Ventures.

Well, Solanki Roy was supposed to work with the director’s upcoming web series on Hoichoi but things went wrong due to the dispute between the two.

When Solanki Roy was asked about this, she said that she was disappointed with the director's behavior.

''Rahoolda threatened that he will ensure I do not get any work with Dev Entertainment Ventures Private Limited and SVF. As far as I know, it is Devda and Srikant sir (Mohta) who take the final call. Who is Rahoolda to say such things? My experience working with SVF was great and I am sure it will be the same when I work with Dev Entertainment Ventures. What Rahoolda told me is his own words to threaten me and that is not acceptable'' said Solanki Roy.

Solanki further added ''I quoted a remuneration based on the workload. Later, I found out that the initial conversation went haywire, and they came up with a ridiculous amount of money. When I declined to accept their offer, Rahoolda misbehaved with my manager. He shouted at him and threatened me that I won’t get work in SVF and Devda’s production house. I am appalled by his audacity. If he can say such things to me after working here for years, how will he treat other young artists?''.

News Credit: OTTplay

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