Team 'Biyer Phool' wraps up the shoot for the show

Team 'Biyer Phool' wraps up the shoot for the show

Rumors were rife for the past few days that Sun Bangla's ongoing show 'Biyer Phool' starring Raja Goswami, Nabanita Das, Ekta Ganguly, and Souvik Banerjee is going to end soon after the channel announced their new show, Akash Kusum. And now, one of the lead actresses of the show, Ekta Ganguly has confirmed the news. Yes, you read that right. Sun Bangla's show 'Biyer Phool' which was launched in June 2023 will conclude its journey on TV soon and the team has already wrapped up the shoot for the show.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Ekta Ganguly shared this news with fans along with a heartwarming note. Sharing the news, Ganguly wrote ''Thank you so much everyone for making this journey so memorable and filled with love. It wouldn't have been possible without you. In bidding farewell to this remarkable journey, my heart overflows with gratitude for the love you've woven into every moment. As the final curtain descends today, know that your immense love and support has painted the canvas of my memories with hues of warmth and joy. Here's to the beautiful tapestry we've created together, forever etched in the chapters of our shared story. So here's... Ichche.... Officially signing off''.

Here is the post:

The TV show 'Biyer Phool' introduced two new fresh pairings of Nabanita Das-Raja Goswami and Ekta Ganguly-Souvik Banerjee. Apart from these four young artists, the show also stars Dulal Lahiri, Manoj Ojha, Shoumo Banerjee, and Saugata Bandyopadhyay in pivotal roles. 

Talking about the story of the show, it's a light-hearted romantic comedy-drama that revolves around a celibate (played by Dulal Lahiri) and his five grandsons who have no presence of women in their lives. Their grandfather believes that marriage or entry of a woman into the house can disturb their happiness and peace. As usual, Arjo Kumar and Swarna Kumar, two of the five grandsons, also grew up with the same belief.

On the other side, Ichhe (Ekta) and Koli (Nabanita) always try to make them fall in love. Ichhe likes Arjo Kumar, a boxer by profession while Koli wants Swarna Kumar as her love interest. The crux of the story was how these women change their lives and make them believe in love.

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