Kanchan Mullick and wife Pinky Banerjee are officially divorced; Kanchan pays 60 lakhs to Pinky as settlement?

Kanchan Mullick and wife Pinky Banerjee are officially divorced; Kanchan pays 60 lakhs to Pinky as composition settlement?

Actor Kanchan Mullick and his wife Pinky Banerjee who were a big deal together in the entertainment world, have finally ended their marriage. They first said they weren't splitting back in 2021 when rumors started, but now it's for real. They signed the papers on January 10th, 2024, making it official. They got a conditional separation. 

Back in 2021, people were surprised to hear about their troubles because they seemed like such a happy couple. They denied the rumors then, but things didn't get better between them. They kept quiet about their relationship since then, but now it's out in the open. However, there have also been rumors about Kanchan Mullick dating another actor named Sreemoyee Chattoraj. She's pretty famous too, and people are talking about them being together. Some folks think Kanchan Mullick's divorce might have something to do with his closeness to Shreya, but nobody knows for sure. 

It was also reported that Kanchan Mullick's wife Pinky lodged a complaint against her husband and Sreemoyee Chattoraj at New Alipore Police Station. Denying the allegations, Kanchan Mullick lodged a counter-harassment complaint against his wife Pinky at Chetla Police Station. In her statement, Pinky said that she was harassed by Kanchan and his rumored girlfriend Sreemoyee Chattoraj.  They forced her to get out of her car near Basudha cinema hall but when she refused, Sreemoye tried to harm her, and even Kanchan didn't stop Chattoraj.

However, Pinki Banerjee got custody of their son as per the court verdict. And Kanchan Mallick can meet his son. Regarding the divorce, Kanchan Mallick said, I was alone for the last one and a half years out of 10 years of married life. So being alone is not new to me.

However, there are also rumors that Kanchan will have to pay Pinky around Rs 60 lakh as a composition settlement. However, both sides did not open their lips about it. Pinky's response to the divorce is, 'Yes. We are divorced. I'm busy with work. I'm fine.'

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