Actress Ditipriya Roy Starring in Pavel's Next Film

Actress Ditipriya Roy Starring in Pavel's Next
Pavel Bhattacharjee & Ditipriya Roy

Popular serial Rani Rashmoni Starring Ditipriya Roy is coming to an end. Ditipriya has gained huge popularity as Rani Rashmoni. However, Ditipriya's fans were upset as they won't be able to see their Rani Maa aka Ditipriya Roy on screen anymore. But there is good news for her fans. Ditipriya will be seen on the big screen. Ditipriya Starring in director Pavel's next film. She will be seen in a sports drama film directed by Pavel Bhattacharjee

A few days ago, director Pavel announced a family drama film title 'Mon Kharap' where Ankush Hazra will be seen in the lead role. The shooting of the film was supposed to start in June. But the movie shooting has been postponed due to the Corona epidemic. However, director Pavel did not take a rest in this situation. He is busy in writing on his new sports drama film where Ditipriya will be seen in the lead role, Even the official formalities with the actress are over. After the situation becomes normal, the director will start working on one movie after another.

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A few days ago, Ditipriya was infected with the killer virus along with her parents. And as a result, she was not present on the set of Rani Rashmoni. The story of the serial was going on without Rani Rashmoni. After recovery, Ditipriya returned to her work and also shot a few episodes. However, all the shooting has been postponed due to the lockdown. All the pending works will progress as the situation becomes normal.

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