Rani Rashmoni Serial will be closed?

Rani Rashmoni Serial will be closed-Bengalplanet.com
Ditipriya Roy as Rani Rashmoni (social media pic)

Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni is one of the popular serials on Bengali Television. The series was launched on 24th July of 2017. Rani Rasmoni series Starring Ditipriya Roy has been entertaining the audience for almost four years. Actress Ditipraya has also gained popularity with this series. But now there are rumors that the serial will end. Zee Bangla has released a new promo for the Rani Rashmoni series, which shows that the life of Rani Maa is about to end. After this promo, the viewers think that the series will end.

From Rani Maa's childhood to the making of the Dakshinewar Kaali Temple, everything has been shown in the series. As the series is based on Rani Rashmoni's life, there is a strong possibility that the serial will be shut down after the death of Rani Maa aka Rani Rashmoni. Rani Rashmoni aka Ditipriya Roy has not been seen in the past few episodes of the series. Ditipriya had been tested for Covid-19 along with her family. Now the actress is back on the shooting floor after recovered. But all shooting has been postponed due to the lockdown. It will be resumed according to the situation.

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And the other hand, Zee Bangla announced a new series title Sharbojaya where Tollywood actress Debashree Roy will be seen in the lead role. The arrival of this new serial reinforces the rumor.

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