TV show Meyebela will end its journey? Deets Inside

The popular daily soap Meyebela, starring Swikriti Majumder and Arpan Ghoshal in lead roles is rumored to be nearing the end of its journey as the new show Sandhyatara is set to replace the popular ongoing show from 12th June. Read More-

TV show Meyebela will end its journey? Deets Inside

We've already seen that a number of new shows concluded their journey ahead of expectations. Shows like Balijhor and Alta Phoring were shelved by the makers due to insufficient TRP ratings. And this time, the newly launched television drama Meyebela, starring Swikriti Majumder and Arpan Ghoshal seems to be ending its journey on TV soon. Rumors have been rife in the industry for the past few days that the show titled Meyebela, which premiered in January, will end its journey in just five months.

The brand-new show 'Sandhyatara' replaces 'Meyebela' from 12th June. 

But that's not all, the lead actress of ''Meyebela'', Swikriti Majumder assured her fans in a live Instagram video last Friday that the serial will not end. She said, ''I want to tell those who are here, who are following Meyebela, that the show will not end.  Only The broadcast time of the show will be changed by the channel. Those of you who were in fear, get over your fear.'' As soon as Swikriti shared the live video, it went viral. And surprisingly Swikriti later deleted the video which made the rumors even stronger.

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Roopa Ganguly, who made her comeback with the show, quit the show last month saying it was 'regressive'. Later, Anushree Das, who is also a well-known actress in the industry replaced Roopa Ganguly in the show.

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